Take the free tour

If you are really serious about looking for a condo in Milwaukee, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of Condo Milwaukee’s ’50 cent tour’. It’s an efficient way to orient yourself in this marketplace, whether you want to live downtown or in the suburbs. We can organize a private tour for wherever you want to look.

Our experience has shown that, after an hour or so out on tour, most customers become better informed about the whole area and start to focus on where and in which buildings they want to buy, instead of just concentrating on seeing inside some units they might have found online.

Consider the downtown area, for example. Our whole downtown condo market is an area of only about four square miles. We have developed a map locating 120 established condo associations containing over 5200 condo units within those four square miles. This does not even include the many, smaller associations with four or fewer units that add to the total number of condos in downtown Milwaukee.

The condo map defines seven distinct areas, each with it’s own flavor and appeal.Ā  At any given time, there are about 800 to 1000 units for sale with prices ranging from $100K upwards to $5.2M.

Even folks who have lived here a long time, who assume they already know both the area and the market, as well as out-of towners, report that they learn things on tour they would have no way of finding out on their own. So give us a call and schedule a time for your own tour!