Sketches of the Charactersin order of their appearance


Unless otherwise noted, and excepting our hero, R.M.,
these characters reside at The Prospect on Prospect Condominiums


R.M., a k.a.”Realtor®Man”, a Realtor®
specializing in the downtown condo market


R.T. James, a retiree and one of the first buyers
at The Prospect on Prospect,
a condominium nicknamed the “POPS”,
and Mrs. Ivy James, association Secretary


Michelle and Sheldon,
nick-named ‘the He-shell and the She-shell’,
a couple in the market for a downtown condo


Gervase Richard, concierge at the POPS


Rosie, a Sheltie living
with Jack and Shirley Pardoe


Hans Knopupik, freelance journalist,
newly elected association Treasurer


Earnest Arbuthnot, British national, museum curator,
newly elected association President


Jack Pardoe, association Past-President


Kitty Doyle, motivational speaker


Dr. Cal Thorne, Mrs. Thorne, and Keki, their grandson,
who rent across the street from the POPS


Peter Pentalent, ex-boyfriend and ex-room-mate of Hans


Cathy and John Cabot, owners of Cathay Imports


Morris “Morrie” Mangold, patriarch,
and owner of Wrested Development,
a downtown development firm.
He doesn’t live at the POPS


Rusty Mangold, his nephew,
member of the family firm.
He doesn’t live at the POPS


Poppy and Pansy,

eight-and-three-quarter year old Mendel daughters


Greg Mendel, professional hockey coach


Mullins, Ivy James’ cat

Guy Karon

Guy Karon, Lake Michigan ferry service owner

Leith Lee Karon, Sticks and Oblio

Leith “Lee” Karon, sixteen year-old daughter of Guy,
with their cats Sticks and Oblio

Georgia Mendel

Georgia Mendel, x-wife of Greg,
and mother of Poppy and Pansy.
She doesn’t live at the POPS

Gina, Georgia's sister

Gina, Georgia’s sister
and Poppy and Pansy’s aunt.
She doesn’t live at the POPS

Maxine and Nathan Benjamin

Maxine and Nathan Benjamin,
co-owners of Max and Nate’s Deli

Bert Steinhardtand lady

Bert Steinhardt, philanthropist
and penthouse owner

Gertie Steinhardt

Gertie Steinhardt, Bert’s daughter
and their dog, Pocano

Lori and Fred Hazell

Lori and Fred Hazell
Lori is an Alchemy committee member

Sebastian Cabot

Sebastian Cabot, younger son of John and Cathy Cabot

Martin and Martinelli

Martin and Martinelli, police detectives investigating events at the POPS

Matthew Cabot

Matthew Cabot, older brother of Sebastian Cabot

Carrie Karon

Carrie Karon, Guy’s sister, Lee’s aunt, and owner of Pluto’s Spa

Seth Hough

Seth Hough, POP’s association attorney,
with the law firm Horton,Hearst, and Hough.
He doesn’t live at the POPS.
‘Hough’ rhymes with ‘who’

Perry Frazing

Perry Frazing, Morrie Mangold’s attorney.
He doesn’t live at the POPS

The Minosa Family

The Minosa Family. Pastor Herb, his wife Myrtle,
their elder son Linwood ‘Woody’ and their younger son Timothy ‘Moth’.
They don’t live at the POPS

Rod Thuss
Rod A. (Amen) Thuss,
penthouse resident and preacher