Rising to the top

Most buyers have a personal timetable; some idea, in advance, of when or where they anticipate moving into a condo. There are not very many people with the money, the urgency, or the chutzpah to make spur of the moment housing decisions.

For the most part then, there is a process involved; curiosity, initial search, perhaps wandering around from development to development without much focus or direction, and very often uncertainty as to how to proceed.

Condo Milwaukee offers context to a serious search with emphasis on the steps needed to get to a successful closing. Pre-approval for a mortgage loan, especially in the current market, is a vital first move. Not only does it narrow your price range and allow you to focus on units you can afford, but having a pre-approval letter from the bank gets your offer to purchase taken more seriously by a seller, and lets it rise, like cream, to the top of the jar.

As well as those new developments, a buyer should look at the re-sale market as well. Finding available condos is not simply a matter of researching online. It’s important to know that not all currently available listings are included in MLS, or in whatever search you are trying to use. Some of the listings that are included in MLS are still a twinkle in the developer’s eye. Still other developments with units already listed may never get out of the ground.

Condo Milwaukee is serious about keeping up with the entire condo market. If you’re serious about buying, we can inform you, keeping your timetable in mind, about what is actually available and when, or if, it will be move-in-ready.