8/03/13 About Milwaukee condo rentals weekend, short term

Thinking of hosting visitors seeking temporary accommodation for vacation rentals or upcoming events such as the Harley anniversary in August?

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In the case of condo owners and leasers, be aware that, apart from state and municipal regulations governing short-term rentals, most associations also restrict this practice. An allowable rental term is typically no less than six months and even that must have prior approval from the association. According to most by-laws, no unit may be sub-leased for ‘transient hotel purposes.’

A paying guest does not meet the standard definition of a guest of a resident owner so a unit owner carries risk for insurance coverage in common areas. A fine-print reading of the policies of hosting websites clearly directs the owner in a multiple resident association to closely examine documents and by-laws. Listing your property with these types of services includes your acceptance of all the applicable law.