3/4/15 Spring Gush or Seller’s Market?

It’s a stampede out there. Hot areas with multiple offers and short days on market.

So many people at open houses that it’s like being at a family reunion.

Almost need to take a ticket for the next available showing time. So little time to compare properties, consider the qualities or quirks. Pressure to decide quickly whether to make an offer. Keeping up with those deadlines.

Frustration with the inventory of single family houses or condos nobody seems to want, the only ones anyone with a normal life has the time to schedule appointments to view. Scouring the internets for new listings, hoping for ‘the one’ to show up soon. Hoping you won’t be forced to rent for another year.

Cue the Realtor.

Seriously. I’m just there, waiting in the wings and after 20 years in the business I’ve seen it all. Everything from the impossibly slow to the crazy-making fast pace. These can be happening at the same time across segments of the market and among neighborhoods.

I’ll partner you through the whole process, alert you when a property might be just too good to be true, advise you when it’s prudent to act quickly or to take a step back. Remind you that there will always be another house.

Stay focused. Give me a call.

It's a stampede out there

It’s a stampede out there