2/13/14 Milwaukee Lenders and Realtors speak

Today, at a meeting of R.E.A.L., lenders reported an upward trend in applications for mortgage pre-approval.Ā  The consensus was that, as far as they were concerned, it was business as usual, and that the much discussed new ‘qualified mortgage’ wasn’t all that much different than the process they’ve always followed strattera adhd. So they urged agents to advise buyers not get their backs up about required documentation. The information required of potential buyers was essentially the same as before. And, the increase in applications suggested to them that activity will pick up in spring, that is of course if it ever arrives. The attendant at the filling station was muttering today, in the midst of a snow squall, that he really wanted to get his hands on that groundhog.

At the same meeting, realtors shared stories about their recent experience with buyers and sellers, agreeing that openness to questions about the process were the key to a successful relationship. This reminded me of the wisdom of a dedicated kindergarten teacher who observed to me that for her each new September brought in a whole new group of children whose only similarity was their age, that every child seemed to break the mold of students in the previous class.

It’s the same thing for me with clients. Just because after twenty years in it I’m overly familiar with the wonderful world of Milwaukee real estate doesn’t mean that they are. So if it seems as though I have too many talking points, the goal is to draw out the questions that buyers, especially newbies, may not even know they have. Some imagine that it’s cut and dried, assume that they know the roadway. Those folks often land into some unanticipated potholes, run into roadblocks. It’s so important to get to the place where it’s comfortable to ask those ‘stupid’ questions all of us are afraid to ask out loud. It’s a hackneyed phrase but it likely will be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. So negotiate it, smoothly, with all the expertise you can find.

When waiting takes its toll

Waiting, taking its toll